Make Your Lipstick Mask-Proof With Our Tried & Tested Hacks

Not so long ago, you were getting ready for the work and applied your favorite lipstick, and some miles away, a man decided to eat a bat – long story short, we are not allowed to roam without a mask anymore, and that’s really ruining our lipsticks, right?

So, with the face masks becoming our new normal, what does the future look like for lipsticks? And how can we eliminate the chances of lipstick smudging while wearing masks? Let’s read the article to find out!

Less Lip Balm

Sure, babe, your lips are chapped and dry, but lip balms are better suited in your PM skincare regime. This is because wearing lipstick on top of your greasy lip balm can lead to shifting, and the lipstick will be shifted on the mask. If you want to ensure that the lipstick stays on for a long time but also want to nourish and moisturize your lips, it’s best to apply lip balm an hour before makeup and clean off the excessive balm before applying your lipstick.

The Lip Liner

Everyone has been using lip liners to create a fuller pout, but it’s also a great way of creating a mask-proof lipstick experience. This is because lip liners create a smooth canvas for the lipstick to adhere to, preventing the chances of transferring and smudging. Having said that, trace your lips with a highly pigmented lip liner and use the same liner for filling in the lips. The lip liner creates a matte and smooth finish to the lips and is transfer-proof, water-proof, and smudge-proof.

Opt For Matte Lipsticks

We all love the glossy lips and creamy lipsticks, but they are so-not-right for wearing under your face mask. For this reason, you need to opt for matte lipsticks because they are transfer-proof and won’t smudge in any case. In fact, there are long-lasting and matte liquid lipsticks available that create a velvety texture on your lips while being smudge-proof.

Sprinkle Some Setting Powder

If you want to ensure that the lipstick stays on for a long time, nothing works better than sprinkling some setting powder on the place. So, once you apply the lipstick, place a tissue on the lips, and gently dab some translucent setting powder all over the tissue. Once done, dust off the excessive setting powder, remove the tissue, and wear your mask without worrying about sliding off the lipsticks. All in all, using setting powder helps set the lipstick and is suitable even if you don’t have to wear a mask.

The best thing about using setting powder is that you can use it with creamy and glossy lipsticks – it’s a perfect option for women who don’t have matte lipstick available.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Before you start applying your favorite lipstick, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips. This is because it helps keep the lips smooth and regular application of a lip balm will also help keep the lips hydrated. As a result, the lips will create a perfect canvas for lipstick application without worrying about budging and smudging. Also, if you don’t have a lip exfoliator, just mix sugar with coffee, rub it on your lips, and clear off the dead skin from your lips.

Apply Some Lighter Lipstick Shade

Nope, we aren’t asking to give up on your Ruby Woo but start with the lighter shade of the lipstick, and it helps prevent the chances of smudging on the internal mask layers. Having said that, apply a lighter shade of your lipstick first and top it up with a brighter version, promising higher protection from shifting and smudging.

Dab The Lipstick

Lipstick smudging is a real issue and a fool-proof way of wearing smudge-proof lipstick. Having said that, rather than applying your lipstick directly on the lips, start using your fingertips for blotting and pressing lipstick on the lips to create a stained look. What’s best about dabbing lipstick is that it won’t transfer, and your lipstick will look on-point even after a long day of wearing a mask.

On a concluding note, you no longer need to stand at a bus station to take off the mask and reapply the lipstick if you follow these tips!